La Pietra

La Casa della Pietra is a space that has been totally reinvented by interior designers inspired by ‘pietra’ –stone- the element so important to the architecture and culture of the area. In the living area, the kitchen is been designed in ‘aesina’stone, in the centre of the room there is a wooden table designed specifically for this space, the table is covered with a pane of glass that acts as a window onto a small zen garden of sand and stones beneath the table-top.On the wall ancient calcium stones and the the fireplace divide the day area from the night area.

In the bedroom on the left , a wooden gallery frames the enchanting ancient stone and brickwork of the wall. At the centre of the room is the bed, designed by Alecci and Di Paola and created together with the wardrobe using irregular shapes upholstered in a way that evokes the ancient calcium stones of Tuscan tradition. On the way out of the bedroom is the bathroom, where the Aesina stone finds its truest representation :used for the flooring, the bath and supporting the wash basin, finished by hand in stone.


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