Il Gelso

The Casa del Gelso is on the ground floor of the 18th century Leopoldian house. The interior has been designed to pay tribute to the hundred year old Mulberry tree next to the main house. Entering the living room ,visitors are struck by the beauty of the 18th century wooden table that has been transformed by the artist Fabio Alecci who has created a series of branches that support the glass top. The four stunning chairs in green leather around the table and the small 19th century sofa with the original upholstery still visible also are a stylistic reference to the Mulberry tree. On the left, the kitchen in white wood is perfectly organized and adds a finishing touch to this warm and welcoming space.

The bedroom offers a magnificent bed inspired by the four-poster style that draws attention upwards towards the wonderful cross-bricked vaulted ceiling. The bed and the wardrobe were both created specifically for la Casa del Gelso. Further reference to the Mulberry tree as a symbol of natureis visible through the use of white wood, small branch-like improvisations and the unmistakable vegetable fibre fabrics. On the right of the bed is a large bathroom with mosaics in green tones and a large shower, as with all aspects of la Casa del Gelso this was designed to eliminate all types of architectural barrier making the house accessible to all possible guests including wheelchair users.


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